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Garrett Hall Primary School

Additional Features of our Curriculum

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• In Y5 the children are involved in The John Muir Award, which is a dynamic way of learning about environmental issues and how they can have a bearing on the environment. Much of the teaching takes place outside the classroom and is something that the children are likely to remember for the rest of their lives!

• Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Weeks – each term we devote a whole week to developing the children’s understanding about health issues. This can involve learning more about the body but also about how to keep a ‘healthy mind’ and a ‘healthy community’.

• Sex and Relationships Education – in Y6 in particular the children are taught Sex Education. The Policy is readily available for those parents who wish to see it. In addition, parents have the right to remove their children from the lessons if they so wish. However, we feel strongly that the children should be helped to understand all aspects of spiritual, cultural, mental and physical development and that relationships form a fundamental part of this. Teaching about the development of the human body, including human reproduction, gives us the opportunity to discuss important issues and to answer sensitively, any questions the children may have.

• School Productions – from an early age we encourage the development of performance skills. This may be in the form of class presentations but will also include plays, assemblies and Christmas shows. Key Stage 1 always produce excellent Nativity plays and Key Stage 2 are very much involved in producing quite sophisticated and adventurous performances. Parents are often amazed at the confidence their children exhibit in such situations!

• Assemblies – Collective Worship occurs each day for at least fifteen minutes. This may be in the form of class assemblies, key stage assemblies or whole school assemblies. The main focus for assemblies is Christian worship and the promotion of good attitudes and values. In some assemblies, however, reference may be made to stories from other cultures and faiths. Some assemblies are devoted to celebrating the good work or behaviour of the children. Parents who disagree with our religious teaching are free to withdraw their children from assemblies.

• Special Needs

Above all else Garrett Hall is a caring institute. The work set is designed to consider the ability of the children, whether their ability is above or below average. However, inevitably, some children will fail to make satisfactory progress. In this situation we will consider ways of helping the child using our own experience and expertise. If we feel that we are not able to deal with the child’s difficulties then we may need to seek the advice of a range of specialist support services that are available to us. Where outside assistance is sought parents are always consulted prior to any referral. Depending on the nature and severity of a child’s difficulty, formal systems for assessing a child’s needs are used. Following this kind of review, decisions are made concerning the level of additional support required to deliver a meaningful education for that child.

• Inclusion

We aim to provide the same experiences for all our children regardless of their sex, colour, creed or physical/emotional limitations. We choose our resources carefully so that they are reflective of the society we live in.

• Gifted and Talented

Some children are of course exceptionally intelligent or gifted in particular areas of the curriculum. Where applicable we will strive to develop and nurture such ability through the adaptation and extension of the curriculum.

• Differentiation, setting and ability grouping

In all year groups teachers adapt the work to the needs of the children within their classes. This differentiation is specifically highlighted in planning. In Key Stage 2 the children are setted for Numeracy and Literacy. We feel that this allows us to provide more focussed teaching that is suitable for the needs of the children. This can be a sensitive issue and is handled with care and sensitivity.

• Curriculum policies

All of our policies, including those for each curriculum area, are available for your perusal. Please contact the school if you wish to view these policies.