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Garrett Hall Primary School

 Our Spring Term topic in Year 2 is From the Amazon to the Arctic!   

 Image result for scaredy squirrel Image result for journey book   Front Cover The Great Explorer by Chris Judge Dougal's Deep-sea Diary (Bartram, Simon Series) by Simon Bartram Beatrix Potter The Tale of Peter Rabbit Children's Book 

To view our curriculum map and our suggested activities for the Spring term please click here


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In Year Two children will read their individual reading books once per week with the class teacher or teaching assistant. Sometimes children may also read as part of an intervention or with a parent helper, student or volunteer. Please try to read a minimum of 3 times per week to earn 500 miles on their 'Reading Around the World challenge.  Children will be rewarded when the reach each new destination and show they have developed a commitment to reading at home.  


Guided Reading 

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Children will have whole class guided reading Tuesdays - Fridays.  They will be taught how to answer comprehension questions based around our topic and will look at different words and their meanings.

Children will also take part in a guided reading carousel. They will access a range of activities across the week including vocabulary activities, guided reading with an adult, individual reading, grammar activities and handwriting practise.  


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In Year Two our PE days are as follows:

Mrs Horsley - Monday and Wednesday

Miss Waddington - Tuesday and Wednesday

Mrs Lock - Wednesday and Thursday

Please ensure that PE kits are left in school everyday and that all kit including pumps are named. Thank you. 

This term in PE we will be focusing on: 



In English this term we will be focusing on the following texts:

  • Scaredy Squirrel - Melanie Watt
  • Journey - Aaron Becker
  • Voices of the Rainforest -Brita Granström and Mick Manning
  • I am Amelia Earhart - Brad Meltzer
  • The Great Explorer - Chris Judge
  • Dougal's Deep Sea Diary - Simon Bartram
  • The Tale of Peter Rabbit - Beatrix Potter
  • Oh no, Monster Tomato! - Jim Helmore
  • Hattie Peck - Emma Levey 


We will be...


  • Using Explorers as the focus of our work.
  • Making links with Science and the different areas of the world.
  • Sentence level work - correct punctuation, types of sentences, making sentences more interesting and using interesting vocabulary.
  • Writing in different styles - stories, non-chronological reports, biographies, poetry and recounts.


Spring 1

  • What makes a healthy lifestyle?
  • What makes a healthy diet?
  • What is acceptable physical contact? 

Spring 2

  • What improves and harms my class, school and local area?
  • Rules and ways of keeping physically and emotionally safe.
  • When I should say yes, no, I'll ask or I'll tell.
  • The difference between right and wrong.



Unit 1:

  • Who is an inspiring person?
    • Who inspires us?
    • Qualities of a good leader
    • Our own qualities and how we inspire others.
    • How Jesus was a good leader to Christians.
    • How Moses was a good leader.
    • Explore leaders from other faiths.

Unit 2:

  • Why and how do special places and symbols show that people believe.
    • Find and discuss objects that are special to us.
    • Symbols and objects that are special to Christians.
    • Easter story and traditions.
    • Feelings associated with the Easter story.
    • Why Church is a special place for Christians.
    • Features of a church and their functions.

Year 2 Team 

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Mrs Horsley

Miss Waddington

Mrs Lock 

Mrs Richardson

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Woodall

Mrs Thorpe

Mrs Barry

Mrs Farnworth 


Mrs Bone

Mrs Bruce


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  • Please remember to check Seesaw for updates, reminders, letters and photographs. 
  • Year 1 & 2 Valentine's Disco 12th Feb 5:30 - 6:30
  • Bibby's Farm Dates - 19th, 20th and 21st June

Spring Trips & Events

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In the Spring Term we will be taking a nature walk around the area looking at different habitats, wildlife and plant life.


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In Maths we will be focusing on:

  • Multiplication and Division
  • Fractions
  • Statistics 

Times Tables Challenge

In Year 2 children need to know the 2, 5 and 10 times tables off by heart.  We have broken these down into smaller steps to make it more achievable.  Children will start with the 10 x tables and then divisions, followed by 2 x tables and then 5 x tables.  For children who are confident in these tables before the end of the year they can move on to the 3 x tables in preparation for Year 3.  Children earn stickers and certificates for each stage of the challenge.  

See Times Tables Challenge booklet for more information.  

Year Two in pictures...

Autumn Term

Fire, Fame and Fortune

To view our curriculum map/taught activities for the Autumn term please click here

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National Curriculum 

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To view the National Curriculum expectations for Year Two children please click here


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Homework is given out each Friday and is to be completed and handed in by the following Wednesday. Homework will be a mixture of reading, writing and maths. We try to make homework as fun as possible to engage all children!  Children have also been given logins for Purple Mash, MyMaths and Times Tables Rockstars.  These can be accessed at any time but sometimes teachers will set specific tasks as homework.  


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Spellings will be given out every Tuesday. The children will then do their spelling test the following Monday. Children will usually have 10 - 15 spellings to learn and will have a sheet of spellings stuck into their spellings book. Spellings will follow the Read, Write Inc spelling program, focusing on different spelling rules each week.

Throughout the year children will also practise the Year 2 common exception words which are linked below.

Being able to apply the spelling pattern in writing is just as important as getting them all correct in the spelling test!

Please click here to view the Year 2 Common Exception Words

This Week's Spellings

Mrs Lock and Miss Waddington's

Mrs Horsley's

Mrs Woodall's


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This term in Science we will be learning how to decide whether something is living, non-living or never been alive. We will also be finding the similarities and differences between plants and trees and also between seeds and bulbs.  We will be exploring the different parts of a plant, planting seeds and bulbs.  We will make predictions, observations and conclusions about the best conditions for growing plants.


Our Topic Learning: 


  • Researching historical artists who use nature as their inspiration.
  • We will be studying famous explorers and what they found linked to English work.


• Learning about the different climate zones on the Earth and how these link to the animals and plants that reside there.
• Studying how weather patterns vary in different parts of the world.
• Learning about the different habitats both locally and across the world
• Finding out how animals and plants are adapted to their habitats
• Discussing how we can be kinder to the environment to ensure animals continue to
survive in their natural habitats.


  • Sketching tropical plants.
  •  Developing sketching skills by using colour
  • Evaluating art work.
  •  Learning about artists who use nature as inspiration.
  • Printing using leaves.
  • Watercolour painting of spring flowers.

Design  & Technology: 

• Designing and making a boat that would sail on water.
• Evaluating the design process.


Unit 1: 

  • Create a pictogram about the different types of houses children live in.
  • Use yes/no questions to separate information.
  • Construct a Binary tree to separate different items
  • Use the programme 2Question to create a Binary tree on Purple Mash.
  • Use a database on Purple Mash to answer more complex questions.

Unit 2: 

  •  Use code to move a character around a screen.
  • Write a program where objects can stop
    moving and a sound is played when the objects collide
  • Use code to create a computer program including new movements.
  • Learn how to debug a program they have created.