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Garrett Hall Primary School

Our Spring Term topic in Year 4 is.... Vikings and Dragons-How to train your dragon! 


To view our curriculum map and our suggested activities for the Spring term please click here


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As with previous year groups, children will be given a reading book from a specific colour band at the beginning of each term, which will be changed accordingly throughout the year as your child's fluency and comprehension improve. Children are encouraged to read their individual reading books to an adult at least three times a week. This is to ensure that they have the opportunity to discuss a text and check their understanding, as well as the meanings of unfamiliar words. 
In Year 4, novels include Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, How to Train Your Dragon and The Iron Man. We also study a wide range of picture books, poetry and non-fiction texts to support children's work in Literacy.

Guided Reading 

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During Guided Reading sessions, children study and discuss a variety of challenging texts with their teacher and practise answering RIC questions, which require children to retrieve and infer information from a text and question why authors have made certain choices in their writing.


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PE takes place twice weekly. Our sports coach takes pupils for gymnastic sessions and we attend The Pelican Centre where children work on improving a range of strokes during swimming lessons. 


English lessons are based around a range of narrative, picture and non-fiction texts. Pupils learn to develop their language skills through grammar, spelling & punctuation activities and apply this during weekly creative writing sessions. Pupils also learn redrafting and editing skills to improve their work.

Year 4 Team

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 Mr J McMahon
Miss R Worrall

 Teaching Assistants:

 Mrs S McCarty
Mrs J Nadin

Miss S Roscoe
Mrs S Pollitt 


Mrs Ramduny 


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Spring trips & visits 

Throughout the year we enrich our curriculum through educational trips and visitors. Year 4 enjoy a visit to Jorvik and Dig centres in York during the spring term and attend workshops with Wayland the Viking in school. 

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Year Four in Pictures....

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Autumn Term

'Magic & Anglo Saxons'

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To view our curriculum map/taught activities for the Autumn term please click here

National Curriculum

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To view the National Curriculum expectations for Year Four children -please click here 


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Homework in Year 4 consists of short learning activities which consolidate skills learned in Numeracy or Literacy, and research or design and technology projects based on our topic. 


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Spellings are set every week on a Tuesday, to be tested the following Tuesday.  Many of the words are taken from the Year 3 and 4 Statutory spelling list and align with the Year 4 spelling rules taught each term. We recommend that children use a variety of strategies to learn their spellings, including using their spelling voice and syllabifying, as practised in spelling lessons.  

Please click here to see the words that children in Year 4 are expected to be able to spell by the end of the year.


 Pupils will be learning about Electricity and Sound this term. Lessons are largely practical in nature and aim to develop pupils' investigative skills in a range of pupil and teacher-led experiments. 

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Our Topic Learning


We are learning about the Viking Invasion of Britain this term. Pupils find out that Vikings were more than just raiders, they were sailors, crafters, traders and settlers too!


We are focusing on History this term & will cover Geography objectives in the Summer term.


Pupils develop sketching techniques and use of watercolours this term. They create dragon eggs and use observational sketches to develop a clay sculpture of a dragon eye. 


Pupils will be learning how to input commands to control a computer based sprite using Logo and Purple Mash software. We will also be learning about  'Consent' within digital environments as part of Safer Internet Day 2019.


Children will be learning about creations stories and the importance of pilgrimage this term. They will also look at how religions practice their beliefs through charity work. 


Year 4 take part in the Wider Opportunities music lessons throughout the year. Each child gets the opportunity to learn a string instrument and take part in three concerts throughout the year to showcase their talents!