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Garrett Hall ICT Framework

The ICT Framework

ICT is both a singular and cross-curricular subject. The Garrett Hall ICT Framework attempts to create a manageable approach to planning, teaching and learning within ICT both explicitly and maintaining a flexibility that allows it to be delivered through purposeful cross-curricular integrated tasks. It does this by:

•    Providing a broad-based ICT Scheme of Work that covers traditional strands of ICT in a more comprehensive and focused way
•    Using National Curriculum and Key Skill Objectives that are to be covered in each year group
•    Providing additional skill objectives to support learning towards the Key Skill Objectives
•    Being non-content specific, to enable ICT to be taught within cross-curricular topics and support learning in other subject areas where possible
•    Having a consistent & manageable assessment process linked to National Curriculum Levels
•    Encompassing an E-Safety strategy to keep pupils & staff safe when working with technology
•    Providing support and guidance in the development of the Learning Platform

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ICT Scheme of Work

The ICT scheme of work is designed to include e-learning developments, fit in with a range of subjects and enable ICT to be used as a tool for learning, thus aiding the development of the Information Technology strand within the Key Skills.
The ICT strands have been sub divided as the diagram shows below. An element of each strand is taught progressively across all years.  

A list of useful websites to give further guidance on eSafety.


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