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Garrett Hall Primary School

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Our playground leaders

The role of the Play Leaders at Garrett Hall is to help organise sporting opportunities for children at break and lunchtimes. Our blue capped leaders are trained to ensure that every child has a chance to have fun, and play well structured games, under friendly supervision.

Play Leading at Garrett Hall starts with Year 5 children submitting an application form to apply for the role. Each child is asked what would make them a suitable candidate and for suggestions of suitable games that they could help to teach other younger children.

Those chosen for the role are then given training by both Mr Holt and through the FA Mini Whistler course. This course teaches children to become referees, helping to develop skills of organisation and team work. Our play leaders also assist the lunch time supervisors in getting the children back to their classrooms calmly and quietly. 

Our Play Leaders do a fantastic job and help to ensure that all children get the most out of their time out of the classroom.